How do we work

The scope of our work, depending on the set characteristics and assumptions, may include creation of a complex or basic project, or just an advice.

Complex project - includes four work stages.

Basic project - if you plan to independently choose the final finishing materials, furniture, or a particular color, we suggest choosing the basic design. This project contains all the elements of the complex project, excluding the fourth (interior design) stage.

Advice - service, where we give a new look to the interior through change of arrangement. Advice contains elements of the fourth stage, as well as includes creation of projections and wall views. However, it does not include the interior visualization.

Stage I: Determining the scope of work

  • An analysis of customer expectations;
  • Determination of interior style;
  • Determination of the interior design elements and lighting characteristics;
  • Establishment of project’s cost.

Stage II: Project’s concept preparation

  • Preparation of illustrative materials (eg. photographs from magazines, web links, etc.);
  • Creation of general projection illustrating possible furniture arrangement and including possible changes to wall positions;
  • Creation of schematic concept visualization;
  • Meeting with the Client:
    • - discussion over the prepared concept;
    • - analysis of the illustrative material;
    • - specification of finishing materials;
    • - establishment of interior elements;
    • - determination of general colour scheme.

Stage III:  Final elaboration of the project

  • Creation of the interior projection;
  • Creation of ceilings drawings;
  • Creation of floor projections;
  • Creation of views of selected walls;
  • Lightning design execution;
  • Meeting with the Client - discussion over project and final arrangements;
  • Implementation of the project.

Stage IV: Interior arrangement

  • Selection of furniture and accessories;
  • Selection of lamps and lighting fixtures;
  • Selection of carpets and flooring materials;
  • Selection of finishing materials;
  • Selection of decorative fabrics;
  • Windows decoration project;
  • Project of individually crafted furniture;
  • Selection of particular walls colours.