Studio 3A exists since year 2000.
Aneta Kotlicka is the designer and graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.
We provide services related to the interior design of apartments and houses.

Classical interiors are enlivened through elements relating to the newest design trends. We give modern interiors qualities of elegance and luxury, seeking inspiration in the classics. We reach for natural materials and endeavor to find proportion and harmony in relationship among various elements of interior design. We avoid excess. We strive to create timeless interiors that have a consistent character.

Projects are created in direct cooperation with the investor and are based on the planned budget.

An important element of work is the meeting with the Client in shops in order to choose final products for the interior.

We have a solid group of trade partners from Poland and European Union.

We work in cities of Warsaw, Łódź and the surrounding areas.